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What is Judo?

Judo , is an Olympic sport that is practiced by children and adults all over the world. Originally developed in Japan in 1882, judo (means "gentle way") evolved from other martial arts as a way of self-defense without the use of dangerous or lethal techniques. Judo uses off-balancing trips, throws and mat techniques to control an opponent. Judo students learn how to fall safely, and take care of their training partners while practicing skills. There are no kicks, punches or strikes in judo. It’s supposed to be the gentle way, remember?
Today, judo is a fun, active sport that is used for developing balance, aerobic and strength conditioning, confidence, self-defense and tournament competition skills. Judo participants practice on a safe mat area, using a wide variety of throwing and grappling moves to control an opponent’s balance. Judo tournaments encourage sportsmanship and allow athletes to test their skills with other students of similar age and weight. 

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